In Crédito Real we are aware that our future, to a large extent, depends on fulfilling stakeholders' expectations and requirements. Therefore, we maintain constant communication, good relationships, mutual understanding, and a co-responsibility focus in our relations with our various stakeholders. For this purpose, we have several communication channels intended to maintain and enhance Crédito Real's relationships and perception with all of its stakeholders. This also helps us to gain an improved image to be able to continue growing and solidifying our business.

Communication with our various stakeholders is constant through the delivery of result reports, work climate surveys, and the participation in events and conferences.

We also look to work with local suppliers that share our values, thus favoring local development and growth. We do this as part of our procurement procedures, in addition to our quality and price standards and other considerations.


Our environmental impact is low, yet we are fully aware of our environmental responsibility. To this end, we have created a program named "Toma Conciencia" ("Be Aware") under which the following actions have been undertaken:

·The data collection process for the credit request became electronic; we ceased using 5 paper sheets per request, saving 100,000 paper sheets.
·We favor that the offices' lights are turned off when not in use.
·We implemented the SPAR payroll system that delivers electronic payroll receipts to our employees in the headquarters and the branch offices.

These actions reflect our concern for generating an environmental care culture, and will be reinforced with new actions in the future, which we shall extend to the rest of our stakeholders.

Human Resources

Our staff reached 1,045 collaborators, with 558 men (53.4%) and 487 women (46.6%) at the closing of 2012. Translate charts – men vs women

82.0% of our staff is under a permanent employment contract.

Number of collaborators per work level

Our most important capital is our human capital, since it is them who are in permanent contact with our clients and shareholders, our most significant value generation and a fundamental aspect for our business's sustainability.

The benefits we provide include:

·Food coupons
·Savings funds

SPAR, Crédito Real's payroll system, issues electronic receipts to all the employees in the 95 branch offices. Also, it gives the employees access to Self-management Services, by means of computer kiosks, and to information on INFONAVIT, performance indicators, etc.

The health and safety committee regulates the programs for personal health and safety. The employees are represented in this committee with the participation of the senior management.


A trained and efficient staff can only be achieved with constant and focused training. Therefore, our collaborators are provided with training in specific areas such as leadership, effective supervision, information technologies, etc. In this sense, we invested over MXN $1.78 million in 2012, and we provided more than 150,000 hours of training, achieving 128 hours of training per collaborator.