Company's Profile

Crédito Real is a leading financial company in Mexico, focused on consumer loans by means of a diversified business platform through personal and group loans in Mexico:

  1. 1. Personal payroll loans.
    2. Group loans
    3. Loans for purchasing durable goods.

We offer products for the C and D population segments, which have been historically disregarded by the traditional financial sector.


To provide financial services to assist our clients to increase their quality of life, rendering a differentiated service reinforced by the ethics and reputation which distinguish our company, offering ongoing innovation in our products.


To be the country's best Financial Entity, characterized by having highly competitive people with the best technological tools, exceeding our clients' and shareholders' expectations, our commitment to the continued improvement of our products and services, with international recognition.


Teamwork: It involves reuniting talents and endeavors in order to achieve common goals. Teamwork requires a culture and an environment of respect where positive feedback and self-criticism can be a permanent process that facilitates personal growth as well as the growth of Crédito Real.

Responsibility: Each of us does what we must do, always focusing on our clients' satisfaction.

Integrity and Honesty: These characteristics make up Crédito Real's backbone, as we expect all of our employees to behave with the highest standards of integrity, seeding confidence throughout all of those surrounding us. Acting based on truth, we work in an environment of sincerity and openness, that is, we speak what we think.

Humility: Learning from our good moves and errors; recognizing our weaknesses and the others' strengths.

Congruency: To experience each of the company's values, mission, and vision.

Respect: Dignified treatment —treating others as we would like to be treated.

Loyalty: Defending what we believe involves commitment to our company and towards our ideals, always with an ethical behavior.


Generating value for our shareholders by means of loan products which provide our clients with access to resources that could not be obtained from other sources due to the lack of credit background or with very limited credit history.