About Crédito Real

Company Profile

Our new manifesto to go beyond limits outlines the framework to reinvent each part of our Company as a whole, in order to reach and surpass our objectives.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Crédito Real has reached a leading position as a company among the credit sector in Mexico; its main focus has been giving access to financial solutions, mainly to segments that have been historically disregarded by the traditional model of the financial institutions.

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Our Products

Our goal is to continue being a leader player in granting credit to a sector of the population that has limited access to financial services, through a distribution network with presence throughout the country.

Crédito Real Payroll grew its portfolio by 42.6% in 2013, consolidating its leadership in the payroll segment and increasing its shareholder stake to 49% among its three main distributors: Crédito Maestro, Kondinero and Credifiel.

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and interest Groups

Sustainability Model

In crédito real, we continue creating value to all our interest groups by reinforcing our environmental commitment through policies and strategies that are part of a sustainable path.

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Corporate Governance

We care the interest of our investments by developing trust and credibility through our Corporate Governance good practices.

We are guided by a Code of Ethics and Conduct that fulfills with the Corporate Best Practices of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV in Spanish).

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Financial Information

2013 Consolidated Results

The following financial information and analysis was extracted from the Company’s Audited Financial Statements. These were prepared in accordance with the National Banking and Securities Commission and are expressed in millions of pesos, percentages, variations in basis points, and amounts may change for round-off as the case may be.

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About this Report

We are submitting the second annual and sustainable report of crédito real that shows the financial results as well as The performance, initiatives and social and environmental programs carried out in 2013. This report has been prepared according to the reporting initiative global methodology, version 3.1, as well as the communication on progress (cop) for fulfilling the global compact principles.

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