Our success is based on an efficient customer service platform and the solid credit analysis, which allowed us to grow our durable goods loan portfolio by 33.8% since 2012.
We operate and grant loans through furniture, electronics and kitchen appliances stores, among others, offering a high-quality and complete service through synergies with mutual benefit. In addition to offering the loan service to their customers, we add actions to reinforce their value chain; we have increased their sales through advertising and promotion, reducing their costs and risks, and given our experience we have absorbed the credit analysis and commercial operation, and above all, pushed their profitability in the best of ways.

The durable goods division grows through our distributors, from which the main players are the specialized retail chains with which we have forged important alliances that have allowed us to increase the number of points of purchase. In 2013, we signed 44 contracts with retail chains that resulted in 1,271 retail locations.

That is why we continue to support our commercial partners through systems of continuous training program for managers and their sales force, besides the development of new promotion strategies and promoters following up by point of sale.

We grant our credit products through regionally renowned stores such as: Fotocontino Viana, Dimmmsa, Dico, among others.