Mission, Vision and Values

To offer financial services which support our customers in improving their quality of life; providing a service marked and reinforced by ethics and the solid reputation that distingue us, offering a continuous innovation in all our products.

To be the best Financial Entity of the country, renowned for having highly competitive people, with the best technological tools, exceeding our customers and shareholders expectations, committed to the constant improvement of our products and services, with a global acknowledgement.

Team work: Bring talent and efforts together in order to achieve common goals. This requires a culture that supports an environment of dialogue and respect, where criticism and self-criticism are a continuous process, which facilitates personal and Crédito Real’s development.

Responsibility: Each one should perform their part, always focusing in satisfy our customers needs.

Integrity and Honesty: This is Crédito Real’s backbone. We expect all coworkers to perform aligned with the highest levels of integrity, spreading the trust among every person around us, acting in line with the truth seeking to work in an open and sincere environment, where we can express our thoughts freely.

Humbleness: To learn from our successes and mistakes. To acknowledge our weaknesses and everyone else’s strengths.

Congruency: VTo live accordingly with the Company’s values, mission and vision.

Respect: Decorous behavior, treat others as you would like to be treated.

Service: Teamwork directed to meet the needs of both in-house and external customers, guided with quality, positive attitude, respect and honesty.

To create shareholders value through the innovation of our credit products, which give customers access to resources they could not attain from other sources, due to lack of credit history or too narrow credit history.