Business Model

We have a unique distribution model which aim is to reach our customers where they are. We have developed more than 80 alliances with strategic partners; this allows us to cover most part of the country, particularly suburban and rural areas. We are permanently reaching to develop long-term connections and to establish an incentive system suitable for our partners.
Crédito Real has more than 20 years of experience in granting loans to the low-income and middle-income segments of the population, which traditionally have been disregarded by other financial institutions. In order to compel with this, we have developed a solid credit platform. We have granted more than 4 million loans over the years.

Our loan portfolio increased by 54.8% to reach $10,423.5 million compared to 2012, maintaining a NPL less than 2%
During 2013, we changed our corporate image, with the goal of positioning Crédito Real as a major player, which grants credit through several different products and distribution channels. Our slogan and logo “Go beyond limits” communicates our conviction that money can positively transform each person’s reality, and through credit, you can surpass the limits and reach ambitious goals in a shorter period of time.
Our new image has a series of concentric circles that are ascending in size and color to the upper right corner, denoting the expansion, scope and growth, suggesting the absence of limits. This is completed by three addition signs which stand for plus and also for positive and continuous growth.