In 2013 we made an alliance with Fondo H and we acquired a $657.5 million pesos loan portfolio, therefore we have strengthened our position in the SME’S loan market
After a short while since we launched our small business loans (SME’s), our portfolio now represents more than 8% of our total loan business. Last October we strengthened our SME’s market share by making a strategic alliance with Fondo H and the acquisition of a 657.5 million pesos loan portfolio.

We structured a financial plan focused on customer’s need, granting loans starting from $100 thousand pesos at a competitive rate, with simple paperwork requirements and a quick response time. Additionally, we financed SME’s short-term working capital needs, inventory acquisition, providers’ payments, and recurring and/or extraordinary expenses.

In 2013 we made an alliance with Fondo H, SOFOM, E.N.R., an entity focused on granting short- and medium-term loans for SME’s with growth needs in Mexico. Fondo H has a solid customer base within the manufacturing, distribution and service sectors; a team with solid expertise, firm knowledge of the market, and high quality credit assets. Thus, we have strengthened our position in the SME’S loan market. In addition to the acquisition of the 657.5 million pesos portfolio from Fondo H, we have been successful in diversifying our total loan portfolio and taking advantage of our business platform.

Through such alliances Crédito Real has secured the exclusivity of the loan funding for Fondo H own portfolio, besides to a non-compete agreement, allowing us to take advantage of both Crédito Real and Fondo H strengths, while supporting a high potential growth to this line of business.