• G4-34, G4-37, G4-40, G4-49.

The members of our Board of Directors have wide experience in various areas of professional knowledge and practice, which cover finance, banking, business, insurance, production, manufacturing and marketing of consumer goods, exports, the promotion of financial and credit services, and investment banking, among others. In addition to an executive and business track record of many years.

The Board of Directors is responsible for implementing the general strategy of the business, overseeing the management of the company and of the main officers, approving control and internal audit policies and guidelines, managing related parties, accounting aspects, information and communication with investors, and the appointment and remuneration of relevant directors, among other powers. Our various communication mechanisms allow us to maintain rapid and effective contact with the areas involved.

In 2014, the Board held six meetings to identify and analyze the organization’s economic, social, and environmental risks and opportunities. In addition, in three occasions, resolutions out of the session of the Board were unanimously adopted.

Our stakeholders’ expectations represent a fundamental role in our decisionmaking processes, and therefore, in our generation of value. That is the reason why we keep in constant touch with them, so that their expectations and concerns can be communicated through the Finance Department or Upper Management to be in turn communicated to the Board of Directors.

Substitute Members: