Customer service and a solid credit analysis are key concepts within the Crédito Real durable Goods portfolio, with Ps.1,138.3 million at year-end 2014.

We create synergies with different retailers in order to grant loans for the purchase of durable goods, such as furniture, electronics, household appliances, among others. The joint effort between Crédito Real and our distributors, allows us to offer a highly-quality service and high attention levels to customers.

The durable goods loan division grows thanks to the partnerships reached with distributors and the sales force training, which have a positive impact on the credit granting and a greater presence at different stores. At year-end 2014, we have agreements with 40 retailers, which represent 1,079 stores.

In order to continue strengthening our portfolio and increasing product profitability, we will continue growing the number of retailers and increasing our participation in credit sales with our current partners.