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For Crédito Real, it is important to create a positive impact and strengthen our relationships with our different stakeholders because they play a very important role within the sustainability and daily operations of the Company. That is why we maintain a constant dialogue with them based on respect and mutual benefit through different communication channels such as continuous communication, the publication of results, employment climate surveys, meetings and conferences with investors, shareholders’ meetings and corporate volunteering programs.

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At Crédito Real, we care about providing our customers access to the financial solutions we offer; therefore, we have more than 80 partnerships and exclusivity agreements with specialized distributors located in different geographical regions of the country.

We maintain constant communication with our business partners in order to follow up on the achievement of objectives. With each one of them, we establish goals to be reached throughout the year and we follow up on them through periodic meetings, monitoring key indicators and by telephone calls.

In 2014, we implemented a joint training program to strengthen the skills of our partners’ sales personnel in order to increase their performance, skills and customer service.

The complementarity we have developed with our business partners through the implementation of strategies and the training of their sales forces boosts our growth and increase our financial strength.

In order to provide our shareholders with accurate, timely and consistent information for their decision-making, we maintain constant communication with them through conferences, periodic meetings, quarterly reports, telephone calls, annual reports, to mention a few means.

The number of stockbrokers that provide us with coverage are listed as follows, together with the activities performed with our investors:

In 2014, our investors base grew and our share had a return close to 60%.


From our beginnings, we have focused on serving the low and middle income segments of the population, located in semi-urban and rural areas, which historically have been underserved by other financial institutions.

At Crédito Real, we consider all our customers to be a fundamental element of our business; therefore, we created a series of financial solutions that meet their needs and we emphasize the convenience for customers by offering our services close to them.

In order to maintain active and constant communication with our customers, we provide them with communication channels to contact us by email or by telephone. We also conduct satisfaction surveys and hold periodic meetings to identify their needs and concerns.

Our employees and salesforce are characterized by responding rapidly and offering service and accompaniment to our customers throughout the application process, the granting and the term of the loan.

Our business model rests on strategic alliances with business partners which allows us to reach populations with less than 300,000 people.

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The effort and work of our employees are fundamental pieces for the achievement of our objectives; therefore, we promote a culture of trust, support and teamwork, which is accompanied by training programs and benefit plans to contribute to their development.

In 2014, we initiated an employment inclusion program so that seven disabled people were able to join our workforce.

At the end of December 2014, our staff reached total of 367 full-time employees, of which 220 were men and 147 were women.

As a result of the operations and needs of the Company, 98% of our employees are located in Mexico City and the surrounding areas, as well as in the North East, North West and South East of the country.


The benefit plans that we offer make no distinction at all among our employees and seek to foster their personal and professional development, as well as equality.

In addition, managers and directors have medical insurance.

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At Crédito Real, we ensure that all our employees have a development plan to enable them to refresh their knowledge and perfect their skills in order that they may improve daily and therefore contribute to the sustainability of the Company.

The training provided included induction programs covering themes such as the Company’s vision, mission and values, diplomas for directors, managers and supervisors, anti-money-laundering and data protection courses, as well as performance evaluations based on twelve skills.

A strategic planning program was implemented throughout the year to support the organization, which included talent mapping, personnel performance evaluations, strategic alignment activities to contribute to the achievement of objectives and individual employee development plans, to mention a few.

The trainings provided in 2014 included an awareness workshop related to relevant human rights aspects. 464.5 hours were allocated to this workshop, in which 86% of employees took part.

The training sessions offered throughout 2014 were for different positions, such as directors, assistant directors, department managers, middle managers and operatives.