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    G4-EN21, G4-EN22, G4-EN23, G4-EN29, G4-EN31.

In Crédito Real we are aware of the impacts of our activities in the environment. This is why we executed several actions to prevent and reduce our environmental impact, which by our business nature is low.

In 2014 we decided to change our offices to a LEED building, we carry out internal and external awareness programs that showed articles and ecological advises and we focused on the measurement of diverse environmental indicators to be able to lower its consumption.

In 2014, we consumed 7.3 tons of paper for our activities, equivalent to 20 trees. In an effort to improve our environmental performance, from 2015 on, other necessary inputs for our services will be taken to consideration. Our energy consumption was estimated in 1841.1804 gigajoules (GJ). Each one of our employees required 5.01684 gigajoules (GJ) to support our clients on its financial needs.

Given our new administrative and operative structure and our operations nature, Crédito Real only generated direct emissions of greenhouse gases (Scope 1). We generated 1.14 tons of CO2 equivalent from our air conditioner equipment, considering the IPCC recommendations for air conditioner and refrigerant equipment. The majority of our emissions are indirect (Scope 2). We generated 256.3 tons of CO2e for our electric consumption of 512,712 kWh, reaching a total of 257.44 tons of CO2 equivalent and each one of our employees generated 701.4713 kg CO2e in 2014.

Our air conditioner system only used 21 kg of the R-22 refrigerant. The effect of this 21 kg of R-22 on the ozone layer was 0.0315 kg of HFC-11 equivalent.

During 2014, we consumed 2,983.93 m3 of water for the operation of our offices, equivalent to 1.2 olympic pools (2,500 m3 each pool), that were poured into the drainage system of Mexico City, fulfilling quality requirements stablished by Mexico´s City Government.

Regarding hazardous waste, Crédito Real classifies as a “micro-generator” of hazardous waste, according to the General Law for the Prevention and Management of Waste, providing less than 400 kg from this kind of waste. In 2014, 27 obsolete cell phones from different models and 272 batteries were provided to a specialized supplier of wastes and useful recycling metals.

Given the low impact of our operations, we fulfill with all the environmental provisions and we haven´t received any fine or penalty. Even when most of the environmental provisions apply to larger organizations, we seek to fulfill with this provisions voluntarily. That is why each year we will incorporate new policies to reduce our planet impact.

We set out as a goal, the exhaustive gathering of necessary information to comply with the new National Register of Emissions from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), as well as to manage the waste of our procedures so that they can cause the least possible impact.