In 2014, our group loans portfolio reached Ps. 290.9, reflecting an increase over the prior year as a consequence of our consolidation efforts.

We implemented a strategy in the group loans product, by moving away from integrated operations to credit origination through partnerships and distributors, allowing us to improve our distribution costs, increase our market share and increase the number of customers served, which in turn, led to a growth in our current portfolio with high asset quality.

Our group loans are mainly offered to groups of women engaged in productive activities under the methodology of joint credit. These loans are generated through partnerships and distributors that have a network of 646 promoters and 108 branches.

In 2014, we acquired 23% equity of Somos Uno and 38% equity of Financiera Contigo to continue broadening our operations by developing a healthy and diversified portfolio.

Our main objective is to change lives responsibly by always seeking the welfare of our customers. Therefore, we decided to center our product on a sector of the population normally overlooked by the traditional finance sector: women.