To offer financial services which support our customers in improving their quality of life; providing a service marked and reinforced by ethics and the solid reputation that distingue us, offering a continuous innovation in all our products.


To be the best Financial Entity of the country, renowned for having highly competitive people, with the best technological tools, exceeding our customers and shareholders expectations, committed to the constant improvement of our products and services, with a global acknowledgement.


Team work:
Combining talents and efforts for the achievement of common objectives through a culture and environment of dialog and respect.

Each of us must do our part, always focusing on satisfying our customers.

Integrity and Honesty:
These elements are the backbone of Crédito Real. We expect all our employees to behave with the highest levels of integrity, sowing trust in all who surround us. Acting based on the truth, seeking to work in an environment of sincerity and openness, saying what we think.

To learn from our successes and errors. To recognize our weaknesses and the strengths of others.

To live each of the Company’s values, mission and vision.

To treat others with dignity, treat others like you would like to be treated.

To fulfill the commitment of providing help and support to all the groups with which we interact. This implies a constant effort to help other people to improve, to take an interest in the problems of our community and to perform actions to help it, to appreciate our culture, identity, values and ideals and to foster a good working atmosphere.

Teamwork aimed at fulfilling the needs of internal and external customers, performed with quality, a positive attitude, respect and honesty. Seek the generation of value for our shareholders by innovating loan products that provide customers access to resources they would not be able to obtain from other sources, whether due to the lack of a credit record or because they have very limited credit history.