• G4-12, G4-EC7, Fs-14.

Our business model is focused on granting loans to the low and middle income segments of the population, which traditionally have been underserved by other financial institutions. Credito Real has a business platform oriented primarily on the following types of loans: payroll loans, durable goods loans, small business loans, group loans and used car loans.

Thanks to the growth of our distributor base and the creation of new partnerships, we have been able to approach our target public, which has allowed our portfolio to grow and strengthen our expansion.

In 2014, we completed the first implementation stage of the “Oracle FLEXCUBE Core Banking system”. This platform will allow us to strengthen the credit information of the loans that compose our portfolio, increase our responsiveness and generate more flexibility in our actual credit platform. In this first implementation stage, Flexcube doesn´t substitute the Company´s actual system but it broadens our customer service capacity.

During 2014, our used cars portfolio and part of our durable goods portfolio began to be managed in this new platform; furthermore, we have been testing the system for the other business units.