The Small Business loan portfolio reached Ps. 1,318.3 million pesos at the end of 2014.

The partnership that we signed in 2013 with Fondo H has provided us the opportunity to increase our distribution network, reach more customers and grow our portfolio with adequate past due loans.

The loan is aimed at micro, small and medium-sized companies from different sectors in order to enable them to finance working capital, expansion, installations refurbishment and/or the purchase of machinery. These credits are originated through a specialized operator and through our in-house brand, known as Crédito Real Pymes.

In terms of Crédito Real Pymes, 2014 was characterized by the strengthening and the consolidation of our sales force, which translated into lower costs and a greater portfolio recovery, that generated an increase in profitability. Moreover, Fondo H stood out for its considerable growth in customers and portfolio.

The approach we have with our customers, our fast response time for requests, the guarantees that we require to mitigate our risk and our effective collection efforts allowed us to obtain outstanding results in the market.