• G4-15, G4-16, FS16.

Our investment in human and material resources, along with the Social Responsibility policies circulated among our employees promote a sustainable development with the community.

At the end of the year, $6,970 pesos were allocated to Fundación Fraternidad sin Fronteras (Fraternity without Borders Foundation), 96 gifts for the Ministerios de Amor (Ministers of Love) association were donated and 35 employees worked voluntarily for Techo para mi País (A Roof for my Country).

$1,066,000 pesos were also invested in sports and active and healthy living projects.

In 2014, we implemented initiatives to reinforce an even more responsible financial culture. The actions completed in this regard were:

In Human Rights matters, we published articles in the Company’s social network to educate about what Human Rights are. We also held an employment inclusion program to raise awareness about disabilities among employees.

At Crédito Real, we have adopted various principles and initiatives promoted by independent organizations, which as a whole contribute to the responsible compliance of our objectives in the environmental, social, and economic pillars. They include:

        •     Adhesion to the Global Compact

        •     Socially Responsible Company “SRC” Distinction,

        •     Participation in the National Financial Services Users Protection Commission’s (CONDUSEF)
              Financial Companies Bureau

We also have alliances with the Labor Liaison Network of the Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare, Grupo ARRIBA, the Mexican Human Resources Management Association (AMEDHIR) and the Mexican Business Development Academy (AMDEN) in order to participate actively in projects of common interest, as a responsible corporate citizen.