• Committees

Credito Real’s Audit Committee will be chaired by an independent director and is responsible for reviewing and discussing the Company’s financial statements and recommending its approval to the Board of Directors, following up on the implementation of policies, procedures and Bylaws, identifying risks and opportunities, proposing the appointment of external auditors, assessing the risks taken in accordance with the policies adopted on that front, among other attributions. Each member of the Committee will qualify as independent under the Mexican Securities Market Law.

The Corporate Practices Committee is responsible, among other duties, for reviewing and approving: The Company's policies regarding salaries, allowances and general compensations; the transactions with related parties and other significant transactions; and, the policies for the use of the Company’s assets. Each member of the Committee will qualify as independent under the Mexican Securities Market Law.

The Executive Committee is tasked with handling and resolving disputes that may arise in other committees and reviewing and approving: The annual budget and general business strategies; the monthly results, compared to the annual budget; the annual investments exceeding US$500,000 or its equivalent in pesos; and, the long-term contracts involving amounts greater than US$200,000 annually or its equivalent in pesos. Likewise, the Committee is responsible for reviewing and monitoring the performance of the Company’s loan portfolios, outline and submit proposals for allowances and reserves by business, establish the relationship between terms of the loan portfolio and funding, as well as propose and analyze funding mechanisms, review and approve credit lines, develop and propose operating risk policies in each business area, among other attributions.

The Communication and Control Committee is tasked with detecting transactions that may represent a material risk for the Company and make recommendations to mitigate such risks. It is also responsible for approving training programs for employees in prevention, detection and reporting of illegal and unsafe acts, omissions and operations.

The Securities Transactions Committee is responsible for promoting and enforcing the principles to be complied by the Company’s executive officers and associates when entering into transactions involving securities for which they have, or may have, access to restricted information regarding the registration of securities, public offerings, purchase or sale of the firm’s own securities. These principles include: the transparency and accountability of transactions, the absence of conflicts of interest, and the prevention of misconduct that may arise from the use of restricted information.

The Ethics Committee supports the Corporate Practices Committee and is responsible for the application of the Company’s Code of Ethics, including its compliance throughout the organization and the follow-up of related complaints, as well as carry out any act that directly or indirectly involves such code. Among the Committee’s objectives are to establish standards, promote professional ethics, develop working arrangements and behavioral standards for directors, associates, business partners, suppliers, shareholders, customers and other groups with which the Company has contractual or economic relations, based on the firm’s values.